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Lymphedema ED
April 15, 2017
Grand Junction, Colorado
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About Our Non-Profit

The Lymphedema Lifeline Foundation is focused on producing bi-annual educational conferences that provide educational disease related information and awareness to Lymphedema patients and medical professionals.  

Our Mission

Our commitment is to Lymphedema patients of all ages and their families who live with this chronic disease. To improve lymphedema related awareness and to provide the latest practical treatment options information to healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers.

Have a Question?

If you have any questions about Lymphedema or resources available to you in your area, just send us a message. We would be honored to help direct you to possible local educational resources pertaining to Lymphedema treatment in your area.

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Attend Our Bi-Annual Conference

We hold a conference for Lymphedema Education Awareness every other year. Our next event will be held in 2017. We hope you will join us.

A Handful of Change

All proceeds of this challenge goes to timely educational information of disease related treatment options and management. For Lymphedema patients of all ages, their loving CareGivers and medical professionals.

Colorado Pediatric Garment Fund

The Lymphedema LifeLine Foundation is committed to providing any child suffering from lymphedema with practical disease related information to help educate them about lymphedema management.
At this time the Lymphedema LifeLine Foundation has funds available in this program for partial ​or in full purchasing for personal bandaging supplies and or garments to resident pediatric lymphedema patients living the state of Colorado.

Story of LLF

In 2007, Denise Geddes CMT, CLT and a primary lower extremity Lymphedema patient decided it was time to create a nonprofit organization that educates medical professionals, patients, and their caregivers about the latest available treatment options and to create a loud voice of awareness focused on this chronic debilitating disease. Thus the Lymphedema Lifeline Foundation was born, since that day the foundation has evolved to providing bi-annual Lymphedema Educational Awareness Day conferences, a useful website dedicated to providing resourceful connections to help patients navigate to a better understanding of this underdiagnosed, underinsured and undermanaged chronic disease called Lymphedema.  In July of 2011 The Lymphedema Lifeline Foundation created a popular world wide Facebook patient support group.  Please join us by becoming a member of ever growing Facebook Support group.


Goal: Education and Awareness Fund - $10,000
Goal: Pediatric Program - $25,000
Goal: Handful of Change - $20,000